As the dynamics of our world keep changing, self-sustainability becomes all the more vital–and this underlines the importance of education.

Our goal is to invest in the well being of the youth in Cameroon by implementing a variety of academic, cultural exchange, and athletic programs to encourage learning and inspire young people to recognize the power of education. We strive to accomplish this through rigorous and quality educational practices, assistance with local community initiatives, and by providing key leadership skills that are so very vital to meet the pressing needs and challenges of our changing world.

Cameroon is often called “Africa in miniature.” The nation is representative of the continent as a whole and Nkongsamba holds real potential for economic and industrial sustainability. We aim to develop a sustainable and replicable model for an effective educational program to bring value to rural education in Nkongsamba. Such a model will enable this region of Africa to become self-sustaining and to meet the challenges of a global world.



Community Programs

We offer educational programs and activities aimed at improving the communication and technology skills of young people and adult teachers in Cameroon. We provide English lessons to encourage youth to become bilingual in French and English in order to enhance their communication skills and open doors to new opportunities.

Currently, there is little to no exposure to computer technology and other technological resources for high school students in Cameroon. Students, faculty and administration still rely on typewriters, paper and chalkboards. We believe that technology resources are central to education and success, and, as a result, the Foundation provides programs to students that teach them how to take advantage of these resources. Our aim is to narrow the technological divide between Africa and developed countries by:

- Implementing programs that will introduce students to modern computer technology.               
- Providing the appropriate training to teachers who will then transfer the knowledge to their students.


Sport for All

In many African countries, the importance of sports is paramount. Sport is sometimes the only means through which peace and understanding can be achieved. Therefore, we use sports as a means to attract, nurture, and educate young students from disadvantaged areas.

Our Sport for All program helps improves education among the young by using sport as a gateway through which students are drawn to attend school. Sport for All focuses on recruiting young Africans who come from economically disadvantaged backgrounds and organizing a variety of sporting activities, practices and tournaments. It teaches young people to handle peer pressure and develop self-awareness and ways to appropriately behave when under pressure, whether winning or faced with defeat. The program stresses the development of each individual's full potential, both physically and mentally, through emphasis on the concepts of teamwork, sportsmanship and perseverance. Many young in Nkongsamba are often idle.

Our Sport for All program channels that idle time and energy away from behavior and practices that may detrimentally affect their lives. We offer sports activities for youth to encourage a stronger community within Nkongsamba and to attract youth to other programs and activities.


International Exchange Partnership (IEP) - COMING SOON

Manengouba also offers a cultural exchange program for students in Cameroon and the United States. Our International Exchange Program (IEP) provides an introduction to the different cultures in the respective countries and helps foster mutual understanding and appreciation of those cultures. In addition, IEP gives participants the opportunity to experience the day-to-day activities that occur in their respective schools, community, and host families.

Manengouba offers activities within this cultural exchange program to help participants succeed and feel a part of their respective community. This includes educational programs encompassing technology, language, sociology, culture, and sports activities. These programs help the participants learn more about their exchange country and the specific communities in which they live. It is Manengouba’s intent that the participants acquire an understanding of a global society and the role of information and communication technologies in the development of a global economy. This critical understanding includes concepts such as self-sufficiency and the idea that global citizens can and do act on their own to manage and advance in their respective societies.



Our mission is to provide young Africans with access to quality education and cultural exchange.